Orthopedic Expert Medical Witness



Expert Medical Witness

Expert Medical Witness provides multiple services.  These services typically include: Medical Record Review, Independent Medical Evaluations, Expert Chart Review, Functional Capacity Assessment, Depositions, Court Testimony, Attorney Conferences, and Phone Conferences


He has built a reputation on providing an unbiased and professional opinion for both Plaintiffs and Defendants.

Area of Expertise:

General Orthopedics

Foot and Ankle Surgery


Trauma Orthopedics


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Independent Medical Evaluation

The independent medical evaluation is a one-time medical examination performed by a health-care professional not involved in the care of the examinee for the purpose of providing information about the examinee to a third party.

Despite there being no physician-patient relationship, I will always conduct myself in a manner according to the professional code of ethics and will answer the specific questions about the case in an unbiased fashion.

Dr. Gendy has two office locations where IME's can be performed.  Alternatively IME's can be performed offsite at the request of legal counsel.


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The Second Opinion Evaluation

A second opinion typically is an evaluation for a question such as 'is surgery appropriate in this case?' or 'is there another treatment that might be considered?'  It is included to differentiate it from an IME.  It may be requested by another physician, a third-party payer, or a patient who is seeking an independent assessment of his or her treatment options.


Expert Review of Records


Expert Chart Review

A Chart review is a review of medical records submitted and an assessment of the outstanding issues based solely on those records.  It is usually less complex than an IME, although some complicated cases can be incredibly difficult.  When performing a chart review at the request of an attorney, I may be called on to act as an advisor or consultant.  This action could involve assisting the attorney in his or her strategy.  Although I am not acting impartially as in an IME, rendering an honest assessment will help the attorney judge the merit of the case and, hence, its ultimate resolution.

For a chart review please send the records to be reviewed along with a letter explaining your needs.  An oral opinion and/or written response will be provided.


Functional Capacity Assessment

Functional Capacity testing, functional capacity evaluation (FCE), or functional capacity assessment (FCA) is an evaluation of specific physical activities, such as lifting, bending, pushing, pulling, and running, in relation to both the demands of a job and activities of daily living.  The the context of worker's compensation the IME physician will be asked to give the examinee's work capacity, which is based primarily on lifting requirements .  This is usually done using he criteria of Dictionary of Occupational Titles.  

We believe that and FCA can rarely and reliably be done during the one-time encounter of an IME.  An FCA should be done historically, based on what the examinee states that he or she can specifically do.  A formal FCA should be ordered if more objective testing would be helpful to the third party requesting an IME.


Deposition Expert Witness Testimony

This is an oral testimony under oath before an officer of the court and taken down by a court reporter; may be taken at any location but usually is held at an attorney's office or the witness's place of business.


Depositions can be requested at an hourly rate.


Court Trials or Arbitration

 Expert Witness Testimony

In major cases, presentation of a 'live' witness is preferred to the presentation of a so-called 'canned,' or videotaped, deposition.  One reason is that issues in the case may change after the deposition has been taken, and a different approach may be needed in preparing an expert for trial.  In addition, it is extremely difficult to capture and maintain the jury's interest in a videotaped presentation.

This can be requested at 1/2 day minimum or full day increments.